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Caballo , V. E., & Prieto Comelin , A. (2002). El trastorno de personalidad por evitación en los albores del siglo XXI. Acta Colombiana de Psicología, (7), 21-41. Recuperado a partir de https://actacolombianapsicologia.ucatolica.edu.co/article/view/1257


Avoidant Personality Desorder (APD) is one of most  frecuent personality desorders with a significant posibility of change. The present  work exposes some of the  most relevant characteristics, differentiating it from other pschychological problems (of great difficulty when trying to do it with regard to the generalized social phobia) and outlining possible etiological factors (genetic, family, enviromental and developmental). Finaly we show some of the most frecuent treatments for the APD, particulary form the cognitive-behavioral perspective, highlighting Beck´s cognitive therapy  and, especially, the cognitive-interpersonal  therapy of Alden. We conclude with some reflections about this important pychological  disorder of our days. 



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