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Ramírez Herrera , C. (2002). Modelo integrado de evaluación clínica en el maltrato infantil : una aproximación cognoscitivo conductual. Acta Colombiana de Psicología, (7), 61-69. Recuperado a partir de https://actacolombianapsicologia.ucatolica.edu.co/article/view/1260


The purpose of the present article is to point out some of the main issues on the child abuse assessment process. Considering that child abuse is a worldwide phenomena and that Colombia as other latin American countries has a very high incidence as well. First, we establish as a valide framework to develop the model and the strategies of clinical evaluation, the  developmental-ecological model of J. Belsky (1993). Besides of, we consider of importance including the social processing information (Milnard, 1993) to explain some of the individual factors related as risk factors in child abuse. 

We believe that clinicians has to differentiate the therapeutic assessment process  in child abuse from the protection and legal issues evaluation outcome in child abuse. We present  de  assessment model  based in some assumptions, levels and strategies in a very comprehensive and holistic manner. Conclusions might confirme the urgent  need to improve assessment and therapeutic process based on research results. 


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