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Hewitt Ramírez , N., & Molina Rico , J. (2002). La salud mental de los psicólogos que ejercen como terapeutas en Bogotá. Acta Colombiana de Psicología, (7), 43-59. Recuperado a partir de https://actacolombianapsicologia.ucatolica.edu.co/article/view/1258


The study assesed the relationship between  clinical practice variables and the Mental Health of Clinical Psychologists in Bogotá. the chosen sample had the following  characteristics: experience in clinical practice minimum one year and five hours per week of clinical practice. The design was a correlational descriptive design. The used instruments were symptoms Questionnaire (SQR), to mesure the mental health and the Burnout Inventory (MBI). The data was analized using the SPSS with a 95% of significance. The resuls showed a significant correlation between the burnout syndrome and type of patients (children and adults), the patients who assist to therapy once a week, the specialized area, and the psychotic  disorder; as well as between despersonalization and adult patients; between mild and moderate disorders and adult patients and the number of hours of clinical practice; and finally, between alcoholism risk and humanistic approach and work place.


Derechos de autor 2002 Nohelia Hewitt Ramírez, Janeth Molina Rico

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